Everything Passes. Everything Changes.

Mountains erode. Continents drift. Planets orbit stars which orbit the centers of their galaxies which move through space and time at unimaginable speeds.

The Unruly Buddha Tells Stories

When the unruly buddha was very young, he used to tell himself stories. In bed, when he was supposed to be asleep, he would spin yarns, fantastic fictions that kept him awake well into the night.

Measuring What Matters

Each of us has a god, an ultimate concern, around which we orient our days and lives.

Develop Your Passion

Passions are not gifts assigned to us at at conception or birth or adulthood or any other significant moment in human development. They are developed.

The Lesson of the Gardenias

The things in our garden that seem so small—a pair of flowers on a bush in mid-May—echo the patterns of the great and cosmic.

Finding the Brain’s Middle Way

The unruly buddha lives a life of self-examination, not to drag himself down, but to think clearly about what it means to really live.

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